Are We There Yet?

Games for the whole family during those long car rides

Spend your trip having fun TOGETHER

Instead of everyone doing their own thing...

Enjoy the trip together

Engage your family with games that help them to notice their surroundings and have fun together!
  • Five minutes after pulling out from the driveway, what parent hasn’t heard, “Are We There Yet?” For generations, the family car trip has never been short enough. Between the navigation, the distractions, and the inevitable boredom, getting from Point A to Point B is a family challenge. Until now. In March 2017, George (3 kids under 13) and Susan (5 grown kids and 5 grandkids under 5), realized there was no web site, and no app, where parents could go to experience traditional travel car games virtually. From their ingenuity and practical experience, Are We There Yet was born.

    In our age of smart phones, tablets, group texting, and constant Snapchatting, adults and kids spend countless hours disengaged from those around them. It’s almost expected that, when you’re out with friends or family, someone will get wrapped up in their phone.
  • Are We There Yet combines the enjoyment of virtual entertainment with an interactive experience that families want, to keep everyone engaged, and need, to make the time go by.

    The games themselves won’t surprise you. The virtual spin will.

    Happy travels!